Take control of your cryochain

my.Cryochain is the only platform developed specifically to control the cryochain for cellular therapies.

Standardize freezing and thawing at every site

Customize optimal freeze and thaw profiles for each cell line during process qualification. Synchronize the qualified profiles to every VIA Freeze and VIA Thaw to standardize processes across every site. When a process improvement is identified, edit the profile centrally; deliver revised profiles to all connected equipment with a few clicks. my.Cryochain automatically manages profile versions making it easy to identify the component, staff member and time of changes.

Audit remote processes with instant access to data

Review data from every VIA Freeze and VIA Thaw remotely in my.Cryochain as it is generated. Annotate the data with comments to develop an integrated record of every process step. Built-in reports help identify sources of variability and simplify performance qualification. All data is automatically stored in the central system, where it can be backed up and protected for 5 years or more.

Scale up from clinical trials to market authorization

my.Cryochain is a scalable system to suit every stage of clinical development. Match infrastructure, support and backup requirements to manufacturing and clinical activity. Start small, with an accessible solution for early clinical trials and investigational work. When the time is right, scale-up to manage mass production and delivery with thousands of connected VIA Freeze and VIA Thaw units across multiple continents.

Experience my.cryochain

Get a feel for what it is like to use the platform with a complete VIA Freeze and VIA Thaw cryochain: take a look at the my.Cryochain Journey. Or register for a FREE demo today.

Additional Features

secure & protected data

secure & protected data

Each website is unique to one customer. Data can be backed up to multiple locations. 128 bit AES data encryption. Option to host on premise.

Cryochain Asset Management

Cryochain Asset Management

Build a central register of VIA Freeze and VIA Thaw equipment to identify the location of each unit and its service history.

User access & version control

User access & version control

Define User specific system access, relevant to each User's role. View comprehensive audit log of all system changes. Option to revert changes at anytime.

Exportable reports & spreadsheets

Exportable reports & spreadsheets

Data is stored and shared with authorized Users on the platform. Exportable PDF reports & CSV spreadsheets maintain off-line access.

Your my.Cryochain journey

Six simple steps to centralized cryochain control
Get started

Get started

Your new platform can be online the day you register. Just add your products, equipment, and invite other users.

Qualify your processes

Qualify your processes

Define profiles to precisely control freezing and thawing. Qualify them with your cells, and revise as needed.

Synchronize freezers

Synchronize freezers

When ready, push out approved freezing profiles to all VIA Freeze units over a secure internet connection.

Audit freezing processes

Audit freezing processes

Access logs from any VIA Freeze remotely at any time. Annotate the data with comments for a complete record.

Synchronize thawers

Synchronize thawers

Push out approved thawing profiles to all Thawers. Simplify thawing for remote users by restricting to a single profile.

Audit thawing processes

Audit thawing processes

Access logs from any VIA Thaw remotely at any time. Annotate the data with comments for a complete record.

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An easy entry point to the benefits of centralised cryochain control

Up to 25 VIA units and 100 users concentrated in one continent

Hosted on a single server in either our EU or US high security datacenter

10GB data storage

99.9% uptime guarantee

Customers are responsible for their own data backups

Software updates are applied on a fixed schedule


Most popular
Greater protection and availability to suit larger scale production

Scalable to as many VIA units and users as required across multiple continents

Load-balanced across servers in both the EU & US high security datacenters

100GB data storage

99.99% uptime guaranteed

24 hour and weekly backups to a secure independent site

Customers have control of when and if software updates are applied


Ultimate control over access to your private data and system availability

Full control over system performance and server location

Software is installed behind your firewall in your existing datacentre(s)

No storage limits

Managed by your IT group

Backed up by your IT group according to your specification

Complete control over software updates and maintenance windows


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